Is your English ready for the summer?

Hi there! I hope you’ve had a good week. As most of you are heading towards your holiday destinations in the next few weeks, it’s time to see whether you’re fit enough for your holiday. Try to answer the following questions and at the end you get to see how good your holiday English is. All answers are worth 1 point each except for questions 25-27. I wish you all the best of luck!

Here it goes!

1.    I …. travelling ….. Malta …… plane

a.    am / in / by

b.    is / to / with

c.    am / to / by

2.    We …. going …. the beach

a.    are / in

b.    are / to

c.    is / to

3.    Which answer is NOT correct? Most …. like travelling

a.    of people

b.    of the people

c.    people

4.    Which of the following answers is the politest? 

Excuse me …. you help me?

a.    can

b.    could

c.    should

5.    I …. like to go …. the museum

a.    would / by

b.    want / to

6.    What is the …. way to the restaurant?

a.    quick

b.    quickest

c.    quicker

7.    Have you …. ….. fish and chips?

a.    ever / eat

b.    never / eat

c.    ever / eaten

8.    Where …. you spend your next holiday?

a.    will

b.    are

c.    going to

9.    I am very …. ….. my holiday

a.    excited / with

b.    excitable / about

c.    excited / about

10.  Where can I …. ….. my flight?

a.    check in / with

b.    register / for

c.    check in / for

11.  Which word / phrase is the odd one out? 

a.    expensive

b.    overpriced

c.    too much

d.    cheap

12.  Which word(s) / phrase(s) is / are the odd one out?

a.    take off

b.    leave

c.    go

d.    check out

13.  Which word / phrase is the odd one out?

a.    coast

b.    sea

c.    sand

d.    ocean

14.  Are holidays really ….?

a.    relaxable

b.    relaxing

c.    relax

15.  Which word ISN’T correct? When does my plane ….?

a.    leave

b.    depart

c.    start

16.  Which word ISN’T correct? When does the plane …. ?

a.    arrive

b.    come

c.    get in

17.  Where is …. 18?

a.    gate

b.    door

c.    stairway

18.  I …. like a room …. a balcony please

a.     want / with

b.    would / by

c.    would / with

19.  How …. does the room cost …. night?

a.    lot / per

b.    much / a

c.    much / per

20.  Which of these words is the odd one out?

a.    rental

b.    rent

c.    lend

d.    hire

21.  Which word is the odd one out?

a.    currency

b.    money

c.    exchange

d.    spend

22.  Each of these following words describes ONE word, which one is it? Entertainment, fun, friends, music, dancing.

a.    nightlife

b.    summertime

c.    friendship

23.  Each of these following words describes ONE word, which one is it? Opinion, express, good, positive, say.

a.    ask

b.    recommend

c.    decide

24.  How can you describe adventure holiday the best?

a.    to learn about history, art etc

b.    to relax and have fun

c.    to play or watch sporting events

d.    to do extreme activities

e.    travel agencies

25.  Choose the right word for the following. I can bring your bags up to your room, if you would like.

a.    can’t have brought

b.    could have brought

c.    ought to have brought

26.  What is another way of saying the boldened expression? My parents got themselvesa suitcase for our holiday.

a.    bought 

b.    to have bought

c.    have bought

27.  We …. (discovered) a new beach. It was really quiet and clean!

a.    ought to have discovered

b.    should have discovered

c.    might have discovered

Well done for giving this test a go! Here are the answers:

1.    c

2.    b

3.    a

4.    b

5.    b

6.    b

7.    c

8.    a

9.    c

10.  c

11.  d

12.  a

13.  a

14.  b

15.  c

16.  b

17.  a

18.  c

19.  c

20.  d

21.  d

22.  a

23.  b

24.  d

25.  c

26.  b

27.  c

0-10 points

11-20 points

21-30 points

Well done for doing the test! 

Your vocabulary and grammar are still very basic for travelling to an English-speaking country. They could still need improvement. 
Maybe this year you should stay in your home country and improve your English before travelling abroad next year. 
If you would like to improve your English before your holiday, please contact me! 

You will find your way around quite well while travelling. You have a good foundation of travel vocabulary and a good level of the English grammar. 
You will be able to check – into your hotel room or order your food at the restaurant. However, for intensive conversations your English could still be improved a little bit. 
If you would like some extra lessons to practice before your holiday, don’t hesitate to contact me! 

Congratulations! You have mastered the English language. You have an extensive vocabulary knowledge and an amazing understanding of the English grammar. When you travel to an English-speaking country you can blend in as a local. 
Try to join and mingle with locals at the pub or on the beach. That way you can use all your knowledge to the best. 

I look forward to hearing from you and you telling me what your final results were!

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